Gentle hip manual mobilization for post hip replacement client

Once your client is back at the studio after undergoing hip replacement surgery and is done with his /hers PT I start incorporating gentle manual range of motion exercises.

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Arabesque / Elephant on the Pilates Reformer

An arabesque panche (definition):  in which the raised leg is at an angle much greater than 90 degrees. The body bends forward to counterbalance the back leg. This ballet pose requires tremendous balance as well as flexibility. 

When putting these two exercises together on the reformer focus is on coordination, balance and strength. At the top of the extension on the arabesque panche I bend my knee to enhance the stretch on the hamstring  of the supporting leg as well as to increase the  flexibility on the hip flexor of the opposite leg.

I love doing this variation on the reformer. Combining the contraction of the elephant exercise with the extension of an arabesque panche helps to enhance the work  on your core and hamstrings. And you get that extra bonus for combining them both!!!