EricoPilates is a boutique Pilates studio located in the heart of Chelsea. We offer private and semi private Pilates sessions Monday through Saturday. At Erico Pilates each session is personally tailored to meet your individual needs. As your needs and strength changes, your workout changes accordingly. Instead of repeating the same sequence during each lesson, workouts are varied to keep your mind stimulated and your body challenged.  Erico's attention towards detail and proper body functionality helps clients to develop leaner, stronger physiques while combining core strength training with movements that promote and enhance flexibility.

A private or duet session at EricoPilates studio is a wise combination of  our fully equipped apparatus studio. The goal is to enhance the impact and overall result of the hour long session. Along with the top of the line Balance Body Pilates equipment we incorporate cardio elements such as the Pilates jumpingboard and various props including weights and balance equipment to add resistance and extra challenge to each session. 

 EricoPilates studio provides a serene, relaxing atmosphere that enhances and helps promote focus while training.